MAWERA Service – Individual service at its best

Our instal­lation and service techni­cians guarantee fast instal­lation and profes­sional commis­sioning. Your system will be well documented and tested to ensure flawless operation. Our diverse team of experi­enced specia­lists will meet your needs for service and on-site support, quick delivery of quality upgrades and optimi­sation tools as well as profes­sional advice.

Carefully planned and executed maintenance work is the foundation for a long system service life, efficient operation, minimal downtime and low repair costs.

Emergency technical service

Emergency technical service

Inter­na­tional: +43 5574 74301-130
(Monday to Sunday: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm CET)

Switz­erland (Köb/Müller systems): 0848 000 172
(24h service)

All contacts

Basic service package

  • Free, year-round telephone support during our business hours
  • 5% discount on repla­cement and wearing parts

Includes the benefits and services listed below

Premium service package

  • Free telephone support by our specia­lists, 365 days a year from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm CET
  • 10% discount on repla­cement and wearing parts

Includes the benefits and services listed below

Your benefits

  • Regular inspection of all important system data
  • Early detection of defects and wear
  • Extended system lifespan thanks to improved efficiency
  • Maintenance outside of the heating period, resulting in fewer unplanned operating inter­rup­tions
  • More conve­nient repairs and cost advan­tages thanks to short travel distances
  • Extended service life of bearings and drives due to profes­sional lubri­cation
  • Condition analysis supports better planning of future invest­ments
  • Preferred treatment for telephone support and field service
  • Remote diagnosis and optimi­sation included (requires visua­li­sation with remote access)

Our services

  • Regular inspection and maintenance outside of the heating period (March to August)
  • Check-up call by our dispatchers before inspection and maintenance
  • Inspection and maintenance of the system based on individual inspection and maintenance checklist
  • Cleaning and inspection of sensors
  • Cleaning and lubri­cation of moving parts
  • Inspection of the process systems
  • Inspection of the safety equipment
  • Inspection of the wearing parts
  • Inspection and discussion of parameter settings on the system control unit
  • Small parts and consum­ables included
  • Cleaning agents and lubri­cants included
  • Flat fees for materials and tools included
  • Travel time and labour included
  • Consul­tation on the condition of the system, plus optimi­sation sugges­tions
  • Inspection report based on maintenance checklist
  • Contracts available at any time (regardless of operating hours or year of manufac­turer)


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Updating older systems to the state of the art

Retrofit – making old new again

  • Updating control systems
  • Updating switch cabinets
  • Retro­fitting of discharging, conveyor systems, ash removal, dust removal
  • Retro­fitting of electro­static filters, buffer management, ignition system
Confi­gu­ration of the system

Why optimise an existing system?

  • For quieter operation
  • For more efficient fuel consumption
  • For reduced wear
  • To minimise flue gas emissions
Anlage optimieren
Anlage optimieren
Anlage optimieren