MAVI MAWERA – Visua­li­sation whenever and wherever you need it

We developed this tool based on our years of experience in biomass combustion to ensure optimal system efficiency and upkeep for our customers.


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MAVI MAWERA offers simple visua­li­sation of the most important system parameters – entirely cloud-based and platform-independent. This tool  allows monitoring of precon­fi­gured and standar­dised live trends, such as supply and return tempe­rature, flame tempe­rature, fuel quantity and air flow rates. With the inter­active analysis and time-based filter function, any parameters of the wood-burning system can be combined in diagrams for visua­li­sation. To keep a conti­nuous “watch” over the furnace, email notifi­ca­tions can be confi­gured for freely definable states / thres­holds.

The premium visua­li­sation tool also serves as a graphical aid for predictive system servicing. Custom 2D or 3D graphical repre­sen­ta­tions of the system can be created to meet customer-specific requi­re­ments.

Prede­fined forecasts and analyses are also produced from the collected data, making it possible to optimise all heating processes, such as by reducing downtime and predicting possible failures.

Overview of MAVI MAWERA functions:

  • Cloud-based and acces­sible from any platform
  • Simple display of the most important system parameters
  • Four precon­fi­gured trends
  • One freely confi­gurable trend with selection of the desired data point and time window
  • User-defined notifi­cation texts
  • Freely confi­gurable email alerts when limits are exceeded, including logical AND/OR combi­na­tions
  • Email alert when user-definable thres­holds are exceeded
  • 2D or 3D graphics
  • Visua­li­sation of the values on the sectional view
  • Prede­fined forecasts and analyses
  • Be proactive, not reactive


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