Rotation firing system 150 to 540 kW

The patented rotation firing system of the Pyrot wood-fired boiler represents the state of the art in wood-fired heating systems. An infeed screw conti­nuously drives the wood fuel onto a moving grate, where the fuel is gasified (under a lambda-regulated primary air supply). The conti­nuous gasifi­cation takes place under air starvation. A rotary blower mixes the rising combustion gases with secondary air that has been atomised and induced to rotate. This ensures good mixing with the combustion gases.

Rotation firing system Pyrot

Clean and efficient combustion

Wood pellets
Wood chips
Wood shavings

The combi­nation of combustion technology with digitally modulated output regulation enables effici­encies of up to 94%.

Clean and efficient combustion

The proven combustion technology of the Pyrot can be used as a wood chip boiler, pellet boiler or wood shavings and mixed wood boiler. Depending on the fuel, it achieves similar emissions values to a modern gas-fired system and keeps the emission of CO, NOx and dust particles to a minimum. The combi­nation of combustion technology with digitally modulated output regulation enables effici­encies of up to 94%.

Mobile container-based heating centre

Pyrot wood-fired boilers are available as a container-based turnkey solution for appli­ca­tions where no boiler enclo­sures are available or where site construction costs must be kept to a minimum. This turnkey solution includes the wood-fired boiler pre-installed in a special container as well as the supple­mental equipment. Individual container solutions can be specially adapted to specific needs.

Boiler control

The digital modulating output regulation ensures optimal combustion thanks to precise regulation of the ratios of combustion air, recir­cu­lated flue gas and fuel. The control system monitors:

  • Supply and return tempe­rature of the wood-fired boiler
  • Fire bed condition
  • Light barriers of the infeed system
  • Flue gas tempe­rature
  • Oxygen content of the flue gas (lambda probe)

Design and output ratings

Type Output range*
Pyrot 150 38 to 150 kW
Pyrot 220 55 to 220 kW
Pyrot 300 75 to 300 kW
Pyrot 400 100 to 400 kW
Pyrot 540 135 to 540 kW

*Depending on fuel and water content


Model Pyrot 150 Pyrot 220 Pyrot 300 Pyrot 400 Pyrot 540
Rated thermal output 150 220 300 400 540 kW
Length 2513 2537 2893 2877 3105 mm
Width 1050 1330 1330 1570 1570 mm
Height 1825 2084 2084 2422 2492 mm
Weight 2198 3024 3433 4438 5108 kg
Maximum operating pressure 3 3 3 3 3 bar
Sectional drawing RF
  1. Secondary air is regulated with a rotation blower
  2. Ash discharge
  3. Fully moving grate surface
  4. Infeed screw with barrier layer
  5. Ignition blower
  6. Regulated primary air
  7. Rotation firebox
  8. Two-pass heat exchanger
  9. Integrated safety heat exchanger
  10. Pneumatic boiler tube dedusting
  11. Flue gas recir­cu­lation
  12. Induced draught blower with lambda probe and tempe­rature sensor

Profit from these benefits:

  • Fully automatic wood-fired boiler with rotation firing system
  • Nominal heat output range: 150 to 540 kW
  • For dry wood fuels with a maximum water content of 35%
  • High effici­encies and low emissions in power operation (up to 94%) due to regulated primary and secondary air supply and low-particle firing
  • Permis­sible operating pressure: 3 bar (4.5 bar on request)
  • Modulating output regulation (control range 4:1)
  • Automatic ignition system elimi­nates conti­nuous burning and saves fuel
  • Simple maintenance thanks to fully automated ash removal, optio­nally with pneumatic cleaning system
  • Available as a complete, container-based turnkey solution


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Example instal­lation

Heating supply for a school

Firing system: Pyrot
Output: 400 kW
Fuel: Pellets

Anlagenbeispiel RF
  1. Fuel storage in a silo
  2. Horizontal fuel discharge
  3. Fuel transport with screw system
  4. Firing system: Pyrot
  5. Ash removal from the combustion chamber into ash container